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There're some general advices we've prepared below for your travel from/to Cambodia on Cambodia Angkor Airlines.


Please bring with you the following documents to travel on Cambodia Angkor Airlines:

1. E-Ticket (in paper or can be showed in the smart-phone)

2. Passport for foreigners and IC/Driving License for local passengers.

3. Form of Identification for foreigners.

4. Visa for foreigners travel from required countries.

1. Before departure

Please ensure all required travel documents are with you at easy-to-find place (ticket, passport, IC/Driving License...)

Baggage should be packed neatly and not over 32kg/203 cm/1 piece. You can find out the baggage information in our separate portion posted on this website to avoid unexcepted items and over weight.

Flight time is updated and you're aware of the open and close time.

Your health condition is fine for flight.

2. At the airport

Please check-in at the correct time as posted on our website in the Check-in Time portion to avoid missing, which may cause you money.

If you cant find out where to check-in, please ask for help from the staffs in uniform. They stay around the airport.

Keep an eye on your belongings and beware of the pick-pocket. Please do not help any stranger to take care/hold their baggage, they may ask you to do it on illegal purposes.

Please boarding in-time and at the right gate.

Do not forget to take all belongings with you.

3. On the flight

Please follow flight attendant's instructions. If you face any difficulty or need something, kindly ask for help from flight attendant. They're trained to supports at any situations.

4. Landing

Please get out of the plane by following the instructions. Your checked baggage could be collected at the pointed place showing on the board hanging against the wall. If you need supports, please ask for help from airport staffs stay around.

5. Lost & Found counters

Lost & Found counters are located at the ground floor at the airport, please report your issue to the staff at the airport for immediate help.