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1. Check-In Timing

- Open time

• International flights: counters are opened 2 hours before STD

• Domestic flights: counters are opened 1 hour 30 minutes before STD

- Close time

• International flights: counters are closed 60 minutes before STD

• Domestic flights: counters are closed 30 minutes before STD

*STD: Scheduled Time of Departure.

If you miss the check-in deadline you will not be allowed to travel on the flight. Depending on your fare conditions, a failure to check-in on time may also result in: • Making your ticket invalid for travel or becoming non-refund in case there are restrictions on changes. You will need to make a new booking and purchase a new ticket. • Paying change fee, and/or fares difference for the new applicable fare. Due to potential traffic delays, check-in time and security screening, you are recommended to be at the airport at least 60 minutes before departure of domestic flights and 120 minutes before departure of international flights. You should carry your traditional paper ticket or eTicket Receipt at all times for both international and domestic flights.

2. Customs

In each country, passengers are expected to declare money, goods or other allowance. Passengers should fill in the declaration form.

3. Airport Tax

International flights: Airport tax/charge may not be included in the ticket price. Passenger should check this information when buying ticket.

Domestic flights: Airport tax is included in the ticket price.

4. Airport Guide

I - Phnom Penh Airport

At a Glance - Phnom Penh International Airport Location About 10km from the capital city Phnom Penh. Cambodia Angkor Air flights There is one terminal for both domestic and international terminal.

Departure information There are 22 check-in counters. Cambodia Angkor Air flights check-in at counter from No.15 to No.18 or from No.15 to No.20 for two flights at the same time. Transfer information See the guide information on board, or ask the staff. 

Baggage claim area is on the ground floor international arrival terminal.

Lost & Found area is next to baggage claim area. Cambodia Angkor Air Lounge There is a GLP lounge on second floor.

Getting to and from the Airport Taxi 9-10 USD, about 20-25 minutes Tuk tuk Capacity of 4-5 passengers, 7 USD per passengers

Airport Facilities and Services Information and help desk There is no Helpdesk; ask for information at the counter Internet area Free internet access is available on some computers at the lounge. Internet can be accessed at the coffee bars outside the terminal.

Currency exchange Available in 1st & 2nd floor of the terminal

Public telephone Outside the terminal Tourism information Check at the travel kiosks Other facilities and Services Baggage storage ( at Lost and Found room), ATMs available.

II - Siemreap International Airport (REP)

At a Glance - Siemreap International Airport Location 06km from center of the city. Cambodia Angkor Air flights Located Lot#110 & 111, New Garden Terminal International Airport, Siem Reap Kingdom of Cambodia

Departure information 02 hours before departure time for international Airport and 1h30 before departure time for domestic flight

Transfer between Terminal 1,000m from international Terminal to Domestic Terminal by walk, no transport pick up. Transfer information 01 transer desk available at arrival international and 01 available at arrival domestic terminal

Baggage convey belt availabel at domestic arrival terminal for collecting baggage. International For international, there are 04 LCD screeners are available at baggage convey belt for pick up luggage located at arrival international terminal

Lost & Found office is located at arrival international and domestic terminal

Getting to and from the Airport Taxis Tourist taxi costs USD7/way, VAN-15 seats costs USD10/way Tuk tuk Capacity of 4-5 passengers, 5 USD/way, Moto Dub USD3/Way

Airport Facilities and Services Information and help desk Available at departure international and domestic access to the public. Internet area Wi-Fi free access are available for both arrival and departure/gate for international & domestic.

Currency exchange Cambodia Asia Bank(CAB) are available at departure/arrival international for both international and domestic

Public telephone Not available Tourism information Not available, but can combinatiion with help desk.

Other facilities and Services Clinic and ambulances services, restaurant/coffee services, ATMs machines.

III - Tan Son Nhat Airport Tan Son Nhat International Airport (TSN)

At a Glance - Tan Son Nhat International Airport Location The airport is located 8 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh city Cambodia Angkor Air flights.

There are two terminals in this airport Terminal 1: Domestic flight Terminal 2: International flight

Departure information Cambodia Angkor Air check-in counter: Domestic flight: No counter

International flight: At ROW A&C

Transfer between Terminal International - International: By walk, elevator International - Domestic / Domestic - International: By walk.

Bus only provided for transit passengers (MEL/SYD/KUL-HAN and vs). Domestic - Domestic: By walk. Transfer information Transfer counter is available as well as signage. It is located at 1st floor.

Baggage claim area is located on ground floor. Conveyor belt from 1 to 6 Lost & Found counter is in front of customs counter, at the corner on the left side of International arrival terminal. Baggage services is located on the ground floor

Cambodia Angkor Air Lounge Domestic flight: No flight International flight: There are 2 business lounges. After finishing security procedures completed at the floor 2, passengers will turn right to Vietnam Airlines Business Lounges 1 ( near gate 19) or turn left to Vietnam Airlines Business Lounges 2 ( near escalator down to gate 10 - 14)

Getting to and from the Airport Taxi Airport taxi costs about 150,000 to 160,000 VND (about USD7) to the center of Hochimnih city (for a sedan and toll charges are included in the price) Bus Traveling by bus costs 3,000 VND per person.

Airport Facilities and Services Information and help desk Domestic: Outside terminal International: At ground floor of international arrival Internet area Available at Business Lounge only.

Currency exchange Available

Public telephone Available ( near ticketing counter and near Lost & Found counter)

Tourism information International arrival hall

Other facilities and Services ATMs: Domestic: Outside terminal. International: On ground floor outside terminal Baggage: Domestic: N/A. International: On ground floor outside arrival terminal.